Work Slowdown Resources
The Local will continue to provide the most up-to-date list of resources available for those experiencing financial hardship.

May Day Events Across the Country
Celebrate the victories of the Labor Movement with your union kin.

IATSE’s Michael Miller On What It Will Take For New 3-Year Labor Deal: Strike Talk Podcast
After taking the temperature on how labor talks were going with Teamsters’ Lindsay Dougherty, Deadline Strike Talk podcast co-hosts Billy Ray and Todd Garner get into things this week with Mike Miller, the VP and Director of Motion Pictures for IATSE.

NAB Show 2024 in Las Vegas
Local 600 will host two panels and a booth at the tradeshow.

Local 600 Panel & Booth at Cine Gear NYC
Stop by the Local 600 Booth, #105

IATSE Chief: Workers “Ready to Fight” in Upcoming Contract Talks With Studios
The crew union leader and reps from SAG-AFTRA, the Writers Guild of America and Teamsters had strong words for the AMPTP during a labor innovation and technology summit at CES: “My folks aren’t going to just settle.”

The THR Cinematographer Roundtable

DPs Hoyte van Hoytema ('Oppenheimer'), Rodrigo Prieto ('Barbie' and 'Killers of the Flower Moon'), Cristina Dunlap ('American Fiction'), Shabier Kirchner ('Past Lives'), Dan Laustsen ('The Color Purple' and 'John Wick: Chapter 4') and Lukasz Zal ('The Zone of Interest') discuss their “happy accidents,” cinematic shorthand and the Barbenheimer phenomenon.

Is the pendulum of power swinging towards US unions?
The United Auto Workers have scored a major victory. And it could be a sign of more to come for workers – unless the Fed undermines them again

General Motors reaches tentative agreement with UAW, potentially ending six-week strike
DETROIT (AP) — Facing the loss of another $200 million this week to a lengthy strike, General Motors CEO Mary Barra wrapped up her weekend by going to the United Auto Workers’ Detroit headquarters intent on getting a new contract.

WGA Votes to Ratify Contract, Officially Ending One of Hollywood’s Longest Strikes

The Writers Guild of America has voted overwhelmingly to ratify its new contract, formally ending one of the longest labor disputes in Hollywood history.

SAG-AFTRA Members Vote Overwhelmingly To Authorize Strike Against Video Game Industry
SAG-AFTRA members have voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike against 10 of the major video game companies. The vote was 98.32% in favor.  A total of 34,687 members cast ballots, representing a voting 27.47% of eligible voters. The guild’s last strike against the gaming companies, in 2016-17, lasted 183 days. The guild, meanwhile, has been on strike against the film and TV industry since July 14.

Writers Guild Strike to End Wednesday: Leadership Votes to Conclude Historic Work Stoppage
The 148-day writers’ strike, the second longest in Writers Guild of America history, will conclude on 12:01 am PT Wednesday thanks to a vote from guild leadership that officially authorized some 11,500 members to return to work. Tasks that for months were prohibited by strike rules — pitching, selling scripts, taking meetings, responding to notes — will then be sanctioned, while writers’ rooms can reconvene.

WGA, AMPTP Reach Historic Contract Agreement to End 146-Day Writers Strike
Hollywood heaves a sigh of relief. The WGA and major studios and streamers have reached a tentative agreement on a new three-year contract that promises to end the 146-day strike that has taken a heavy toll across the content industry.

The Rebel Alliance: SAG and the WGA Owe Other Unions a Debt. How Will They Repay It?
Members of IATSE, as well their brethren in the Teamsters, have become fixtures on New York and Los Angeles picket lines, fighting a war that isn’t theirs. 

Marvel Studios VFX Workers Vote Unanimously To Unionize With IATSE
Visual effects workers at Marvel Studios and seven of its subsidiaries have voted 32-0 to unionize with IATSE in an election conducted by the National Labor Relations Board. The union called the unanimous vote an “historic first” for the industry’s VFX workforce.

VFX Workers At Walt Disney Pictures Seek Unionization With IATSE
Visual effects workers at Walt Disney Pictures are seeking to unionize with IATSE, which says that a supermajority of the 18 in-house VFX crewmembers employed there have signed cards with the National Labor Relations Board seeking to be represented by the union. Walt Disney Pictures is a subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios.

WGA Slams Studios’ Latest Offer & Meeting As Attempt To Make Guild “Cave”
Just hours after the studios and streamers made public their latest “comprehensive package” towards a deal with the striking WGA, the guild has responded – and its seems the AMPTP and top CEOs may have strategically overplayed their hand.

Interview with "Barbie" Director of Photography Rodrigo Prieto

‘Barbie’ Cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto Explains the Rules That Conjured the ‘Artificial Reality’ of Barbie Land

‘The Shining,’ the Steadicam, and the Man Who Changed Filmmaking (for the Better)
Garrett Brown, Stanley Kubrick, and the decade when Steadicam forever altered the language of camera movement. 

25th Emerging Cinematographer Awards Honorees Announced
ICG has named eight honorees for its 25th Annual Emerging Cinematographer Awards (ECA).

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